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A psychological and analytical approach on SEO to efficiently reach your digital marketing goals.


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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and is the job of making constant specific actions to make your website more visible in search engines like Google.

Why do I want my website visible in Google?

Your business + More eyes on it = Higher % of success

But wait.. Here is where the SEO power comes in. These are not just any ‘eyes on it’.

The people who will see your website are your potential clients, people who could potentially end up buying from you if you show them what they need.

How does SEO target my potential clients?

People search things in Google, things they want an answer to. We all know this because.. we do it ourselves.

There are 3.5Β billion daily searches in Google.

Would you say your potential clients are in that big number? Oh yes they are..

With SEO you can find what they search for and create pages offering them value.

I personally search a lot in Google. Actually.. I’ll even say I’ve learned SEO searching in Google!

What do my potential clients search in Google?

Let’s simplify things. Let’s imagine, in a day, 4 people who could potentially buy from you search something in Google.

These people are in different steps on their journey to buy from you. Some know what they want, others not quite yet.

As an example, imagine you’re any of these 3 businesses:

🏑 An estate agency

πŸ’…πŸΌ A beauty centre

🧾 A tax consultant

Your client gets a first contact of finding out what's the problem they have.

Your client knows their problem, so they want to know what needs to be done to solve it.

Your client knows their problem and what needs to be done to be solved. So, they need to know who can solve it for them.

Your client knows their problem, what needs to be done to be solved and who can solve it.

If your business manages to show up in all 4 of the buyer journey stages:

Awareness. Interest. Consideration. Buy.

You can be sure that you’re offering the most value to your potential clients.

And finally..

Why is SEO so effective?

Because people are already stating that they need you, with specific words, in what they’ve searched.

You don't have to look for them. They come to you.

So, reaching targetted people who could potentially buy from you exactly when they are looking for you and answering their needs..


Makes the possibility of them buying from you extremely high.

Do you want to SEOptimize your project?


Examples of SEO success

These are some of the clients I have worked with that have achieved business success and increments in Return On Investment with SEO.


A Dutch estate agency in Alicante, Spain. A lot of International SEO and work with the Blog to attract potential clients in the ‘Interest’ step.


An ambitious project to help players all over the world find a club in Spain. A full-on website redesign and SEO strategy to attract potential clients in all the steps in their journey.


A new approach to Thai food in the center of Alicante. A full website design and focus in Local SEO to attract clients in the ‘Buy’ step in the city.

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My latest articles and resources

These are some of the clients I have worked with that have achieved business success and increments in Return On Investment with SEO.


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Who am I

I’m Alex, and I’ve always loved knowing about a lot of things.

I’m a big believer that investing in knowledge is the key to self satisfaction because it allows you to achieve your goals.

It requires ambition, creativity and self belief to plant the seed for an idea in your head.

It requires perseverance and will to learn to make that seed grow.

My goal with this website and Youtube and media presence is to help people achieve their business goals with the specific set of skills I’ve acquired with my ambition and will to learn.

Learn. Teach. Entertain people.

These are probably my favourite things to do. All this is my attempt to do it.