Price per video: 595€.
Price per video if 3 are purchased: 425€.
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I currently offer a pay-per-post model, with a price of 595€ for a single video. I also offer a reduced price of 415€ per video if you order 3 or more in 1 go.

The videos would go in my TikTok, Instagram, Youtuber Shorts, Linkedin, Pinterest, Facebook and X.

Added, if we were to collaborate, your tool would stay as one of my recommendations to give when people ask me for questions and advice through DMs, comments and social media in general.

I’ve already worked with other brands and I have an efficient system to create the most valuable and interesting videos to make sure that it reaches the biggest audience possible, and whoever sees it, understands the value of your tool. Also, it will take you, as well as myself, as little time and resources as possible to plan, prepare and execute the video idea.

Here are some examples:

@collinseo The Only Way To Check Local SEO Rankings (Use code AC30 at checkout for 30 days FREE) From my experience, relying on dedicated tools for checking local SEO rankings is so much better than manually searching yourself on Google. These tools deliver reliable data, track numerous keywords, offer comprehensive reporting, increase productivity, and save me sooo much time! #SEO #DigitalMarketing #SearchEngineOptimization #SEOTips #SEOTip #SEOMarketing #SEOServices #SEOExpert #SEOAgency #SEOTools #SEOStrategy #SearchEngineOptimizationTips #SearchEngineOptimizationTools #GoogleSearch #GoogleSEO #OnlineMarketing #Entrepeneur #Shorts ♬ original sound - Alex COLLINSEO | SEO Marketing
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@collinseo Unlocking the Power of SEO Infographics for Your Website Ever wondered how to boost your SEO game with infographics? Here's a quick guide based on my experience: 🚀 Choose the Right Tool: I use It's free and boasts 11 million users. 🔍 Content Summarization: Analyze your SEO page. Summarize its content for the infographic. 🎨 Design Inspiration: Search for relevant terms, like "real estate". Edit a design you love. 📝 Add Content: Incorporate your planned content. Enhance with visuals, like a free Spanish flag or data graphs. 💾 Exporting: Once done, export in low quality for website optimization. 🔖 Naming Strategy: Think of a descriptive sentence with keywords. Use it as the file name. This is crucial. 📌 Uploading: Add the infographic to your blog post. Use the descriptive sentence as alt text. Benefits? Here's what you might experience: 🔝 Google Images Ranking: Your infographic might rank #1, driving traffic. 👁️ Engagement Boost: Infographics are visual. They can increase page engagement. 🔗 Backlinks: Infographics are unique and cool. They can earn you backlinks. For those interested, the link to the tool is Now, it's your turn to harness the power of infographics. Let's go. #SEO #DigitalMarketing #SearchEngineOptimization #SEOTips #SEOTip #SEOMarketing #SEOServices #SEOExpert #SEOAgency #SEOTools #SEOStrategy #SearchEngineOptimizationTips #SearchEngineOptimizationTools #GoogleSearch #GoogleSEO #OnlineMarketing #Entrepreneur #Shorts ♬ original sound - Alex COLLINSEO | SEO Marketing

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